Ben Kafferlin

Commissioner, Chairman

Benjamin D. Kafferlin is serving as Chairman of the Warren County Board of Commissioners. In his official capacity, he sits on several boards, including:

  • Forest-Warren Human Services
  • The Rouse Estate / Warren County Home
  • Warren County Chamber of Business & Industry
  • Warren County Conservation District
  • Northwest Regional Planning & Development Commission
  • Emergency Medical Services Council
  • Local Emergency Planning Committee
  • Penn State Ag Extension
  • Council of Governments / Fire Services Committee
  • Crime Stoppers
  • CCAP Community & Economic Development Committee (Vice Chair)

Commissioner Kafferlin is also on the board of the United Fund of Warren County and is active in many advisory boards. As a commissioner, he serves not only on the Board of Commissioners but also the Salary Board, Election Board, Retirement  Board, Prison Board, Criminal Justice Advisory Board, Northwest County Commissioners Association, Safety & Security Committee, and oversees Endowment Funds.

Comissioner Kafferlin oversees the Department of Public Safety, and is the primary liaison for the Board to the offices of the Sheriff, Coroner, District Attorney, Adult Probation, Domestic Relations, Prothonotary, the Jail, and jointly oversees Fiscal and Human Resources with the other commissioners.

Ben is also involved in other nonprofits, such as Doorkeepers Outreach Center. A first responder, Ben is a volunteer firefighter and EMR (EMT in 2020) with the Spring Creek Volunteer Fire Department, where he serve has served as Vice President or President for the last four years.

With great interest in business development, Ben comes to office having started several ongoing companies. An avid reader, he enjoys topics of political philosophy and public theology, business management, American history, and much more.

magna cum laude graduate of Ashland University, Ben studied Economics (managerial and econometric), Political Science, American History, and Business Administration. He was a Fellow at the Colson Center and a Scholar at the Ashbrook Center for Public Affairs and studied Leadership at the Sandberg Leadership Center at Ashland Theological Seminary. He has gone through training with the U.S. Army War College, Family Policy Institute, lean manufacturing and project management.

The first and only commissioner in Warren County history to ever complete the program, Commissioner Kafferlin graduated from the County Commissioner Association of Pennsylvania Academy of Excellence, a three-year series of classes on leadership and government management.

Office: (814) 728-3402
Fax: (814) 728-3479
Email: [email protected]

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