Every year, the skies of Warren County are painted with the vibrant hues of majestic hot air balloons, marking the annual Hot Air Balloon Festival – a tradition deeply embedded in the county’s cultural tapestry. 

This event, with roots tracing back two decades, stands as a testament to community resilience, innovation, and the unwavering human spirit to celebrate life’s beauties amidst adversities. Join us on a detailed exploration of this spectacular event, from its humble beginnings to the grand festivity it has morphed into today.

How It Began 

The inception of the Warren County Hot Air Balloon Festival is a tale woven with threads of community spirit, innovation, and a dash of nostalgia. Originally situated at the Warren County Farmers’ Fairgrounds in Harmony Township, New Jersey, the event has now also found a home at the nearby Warren Community College, in Washington, New Jersey.

  • In 2001, the festival was birthed from the vision of Fred Grotenhuis, a local balloon pilot and Harmony Township native. Inspired by his cherished memories of the Fair and recognizing the growing allure of ballooning in the area, Fred proposed the incorporation of a hot air balloon event to augment the County Fair’s attractions. The debut saw about 15 balloonists grace the occasion, spanning Wednesday to Saturday.
  • The festival rapidly garnered attention and ballooned in both scale and popularity. Balloonists, eager to be part of this burgeoning tradition, marked their calendars, leading to the extension of the festival to cover the six days of the Fair. The augmentation of Sunday to the festival’s duration, initially at the week’s end and subsequently at the start, catered to the logistical needs of the non-profit and volunteer-run food vendors.
  • The Warren County Farmers’ Fair, inclusive of the Hot Air Balloon Festival, currently spans from Saturday to Saturday, enveloping the week within which August 1st occurs. It’s a dual spectacle, offering the rustic charm of a county fair and the ethereal beauty of a hot air balloon event.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 cast a shadow, halting the Fair’s open gates. Yet, resilience and innovation surfaced, and the festival’s organizers, in concert with Warren Community College, orchestrated a smaller yet equally enchanting event at the college grounds, introducing drone demonstrations to underscore the college’s burgeoning drone program.

Evolution and Growth

Over the years, the festival has not only witnessed an increase in the number of participating balloonists but has also expanded the scope of activities and experiences offered. From its initial focus on hot air ballooning, the festival has evolved to include other aviation-related events, such as drone exhibitions, thanks to the collaborative efforts with Warren Community College.

The advent of the “Flying Festivals of Warren County” non-profit in 2022 marked a significant milestone, indicating the festival’s growth and diversification. This organization is committed to developing events that spotlight aviation, the local community, and educational initiatives at the College.

One of the recent additions to the festival’s rich tapestry of events is “Area 57,” an all-weather event that melds the awe of aerial displays with ground activities, further enhancing the festival’s appeal and inclusivity.

Future Prospects and Innovations

As the Warren County Hot Air Balloon Festival continues to ascend in prominence, future renditions promise a blend of traditional hot air ballooning charm and innovative aerial showcases. The alliance with Warren Community College, particularly its Uncrewed Systems program focusing on drones and robotics, is set to usher the festival into an era where the amalgamation of technology, artistry, and community spirit is paramount.

Visitors can anticipate an enriched experience, where the mesmerizing dance of hot air balloons in the sky is complemented by cutting-edge drone exhibitions, robotic displays, and interactive educational sessions. This symbiosis of elements underscores the festival’s commitment to remaining a staple event, offering diverse, engaging, and educational experiences for attendees of all ages.

The Splendor of the Seasonal Hot Air Balloon Festival in Warren County

As the autumn winds start to usher in the vibrancy of changing leaves and crisp air, there is no spectacle that compares to the Warren County Hot Air Balloon Festival. This renowned event, situated in the picturesque environs of Warren County, New Jersey, promises an amalgamation of color, energy, and festivity that transcends the ordinary.

Mass Balloon Launch 

Every evening, at precisely 5:15 pm, attendees are graced with the grandeur of a mass balloon launch, a sight that paints the sky with an array of colors. Full-flight balloon rides are on offer, allowing participants to soar and witness the landscape’s beauty from a unique vantage point. The festival’s meticulous organization ensures a seamless experience, with dedicated professionals providing detailed information and ensuring the safety and enjoyment of all participants.

Tethered Balloon Rides

For those seeking the thrill of elevation without the extensive ascent, tethered balloon rides offer a delightful compromise. This activity has become a favorite, allowing attendees to experience the buoyancy and charm of a hot air balloon ride, anchored to the ground. It’s an experience that merges the excitement of ascension with the comfort of proximity to the earth.

Special Attractions

Fred G Monster, a specially shaped balloon, adds a whimsical touch, celebrating Halloween ahead of time with playful tricks and treats. In homage to Warren County’s upcoming bicentennial, the America One – US Flag Balloon ascends, embodying the county’s enduring spirit and communal unity.

Food, Crafts, and Entertainment

The festival grounds pulsate with life, courtesy of an array of food trucks offering culinary delights, arts and crafts vendors showcasing their creative prowess, and games that cater to all age brackets. From the nostalgic charm of arcade games to the contemporary thrill of ax throwing, every attendee finds an activity resonating with their interest.

Musical presentations augment the festival’s energy. Every day, bands and solo artists offer performances that make the skies’ visual tapestry and the grounds’ bustling activity harmonious.

Other Attractions

Beyond the majesty of hot air balloons, other lighter attractions, including Balloons the Clown, add a touch of whimsy and delight, proving that the festival’s charm isn’t limited to the skies.

Hot Rods & Hot Air Balloon Car & Truck Show

On October 1, the festival takes a terrestrial turn, welcoming enthusiasts of classic, custom, and hot rod vehicles. It’s a display of mechanical artistry, a complement to the aerial spectacle unfolding above.

Current Scenario and Future Endeavors

The festival’s journey has been marked by resilience and innovation. Despite the challenges, the 20th annual event at Warren Community College and the return to the Fairgrounds in the subsequent year exemplify the community’s unyielding spirit.

The collaboration between the newly formed Flying Festivals of Warren County, the Warren Community College Foundation, and the Warren County Farmers’ Fair Association heralds an era of expanded offerings and enhanced experiences.

Area 57

The 2023 addition of Area 57 marks a significant milestone. Focused on drone activities and technological innovations, it underscores the festival’s commitment to diversifying its attractions while staying attuned to contemporary trends. The event is designed to spotlight the College’s acclaimed Drone, Robotics, and AI program.


The Warren County Hot Air Balloon Festival is more than an event – it’s a celebration of community, artistry, and innovation. Each year, as balloons ascend, they symbolize the rising aspirations and united spirit of a community defined by its resilience, creativity, and inclusivity.

Over the years, the festival has morphed into a multidimensional experience. From the mesmerizing ascent of balloons painting the autumn skies with vibrant hues to the terrestrial attractions offering culinary, artistic, and musical delights, every element of the festival is meticulously curated to offer an unforgettable experience.

The future beckons with promise, as collaborations and innovations continue to enrich the festival’s offerings. Area 57’s inception, the integration of technological showcases, and the unwavering commitment to communal engagement forecast a future where the skies are adorned with not just the visual spectacle of balloons, but also the metaphorical ascent of a community united in celebration and innovation.

The Warren County Hot Air Balloon Festival is a narrative – of past achievements, present offerings, and future potentials. It invites attendees not just to witness but to partake in a journey where every ascent, every color, and every smile is a chapter in a continuing story of communal unity, artistic expression, and the indefatigable human spirit that soars, unfettered and triumphant, against the backdrop of the autumn sky. Each year adds a new chapter, making every attendee not just a witness but a co-author in this unfolding narrative of splendor, unity, and ascension.