Veterans Affairs

Dept. Head: Delores Stec

Hours of Operation: 8:30AM – 4:30PM
Location: 204 4th Avenue, Warren, PA 16365
Phone: (814)-728-3478

The County Commissioners appoint a Director of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) whose duty it is to oversee those obligations assigned to the county by law.

The Director of Veterans’ Affairs becomes the contact for all matters concerning active duty military personnel, ex-military personnel, and certain survivors. The DVA also maintains liaison with the various veterans organizations within the county.

The DVA will assist veterans in the filing of claims such as service record changes, disability claims, etc. At the time of a veterans’ death, the DVA will assist the family in filing claims for the death benefits including burial expenses and appropriate grave markers.

The county has an obligation to maintain a record of where each veteran is buried within the county and other data pertaining to their military service. This compilation is known as the Veterans Grave Registration Record. The county is also required to decorate each veteran’s grave with a US made flag on Memorial Day and to ensure that all veterans’ grave sites are maintained.

Referral Websites helps veterans moving into the area find resources for various utilities for housing.

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