911 Office

If you are currently having an emergency, dial or text 911 from the nearest phone.

For out-of-county agencies trying to contact the 911 Center, use the 7-Digit Emergency Line: 814-723-7100

Dept. Head: Kenneth McCorrison

Hours of Operation: 24 hours a day
Location: 100 Dillon Drive, Youngsville, PA 16371
Phone: 814-563-3500
E-mail: [email protected]

Deputy Director 911: Kale Asp

E-mail: [email protected]

What is 911?

9-1-1 is a three-digit telephone number that you can call 24 hours a day for police, fire, or emergency medical services.

When to call 911

In an emergency (when you believe that the immediate response of the police, a fire truck or an ambulance is needed).
• When you see fire or smoke.
• When you or someone with you is in danger.
• When you see a crime is being committed or has just occurred.
• When you believe that an ambulance is needed because someone is hurt or sick.
• When someone is trying to get in your house.
• When someone suspicious is prowling around your house or neighbors house.
• When a child is approached by a stranger.

When NOT to call 911

• To obtain weather reports.
• To report utility problems (such as power outages, phone and water repairs).
• To ask for directions or road names.
• For general information pertaining to police reports, jails.
• Keys locked in vehicles, unless someone is locked inside.
• To request an ambulance for non-emergency routine transports.

What do I need to do when I use 911?

9-1-1 is only a telephone number. Quick response depends on the important information that you provide. The 9-1-1 Telecommunicator will ask you a series of questions. Remain calm and be prepared to provide the following information:
• What kind of emergency you have or what kind of help you need.
• Where is the emergency?
• The telephone number you are calling from.
• If you are reporting a medical emergency be prepared to provide the following additional information.
– What is wrong with the patient?
– Age of patient.
– Is the patient conscious?
– Is the patient breathing?

Helpful Tips

1. Post your address, phone number and the closest intersection to your home by each telephone for anyone (baby-sitter, friend, visitor, and family members) to be able to give the vital information needed for quick response.
2. Be sure your house number is visible from the street or clearly posted where your driveway joins the main road.
3. Be sure to explain to your children what is and is not an emergency! If they are ever in doubt tell them to call 9-1-1.

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