Warren County Gets a New Election Website

Real-time election information so you can stay up-to-date

WarrenVotes.com Screen CaptureWarren, PA—For over 12 years, Warren County has been on the cutting edge in election technology. In Pennsylvania, few counties provide live election returns online and Warren County is on the forefront. That’s due, in large part, to the work of Bill Gallagher and Insight Technology. They have donated their time, intelligence and hard work to maintaining Warren County’s “VoteWarren.org” website, so that curious members of the community could get election results in real time on election night. This will be the first year in over a decade those results will be provided in a different manner.

“We are incredibly grateful for the contributions Bill and his team have made over the past decade,” Commissioner Jeff Eggleston said, “They’ve really been unsung heroes when it comes to this system which stands out in the region. They’ve done an amazing job.”

The new system, which is under “WarrenVotes.com”, will function similarly to the previous website with some minor changes. The system was built by the current board of Commissioners, at no cost to the county, in order to give Mr. Gallagher some relief and allow Lisa Rivett, Warren County Elections Director, to monitor and update the system on her own.

“This has been a somewhat labor intensive process for Lisa and Bill twice a year. When we decided to give Bill a break we thought we’d build something that could be maintained entirely within the Elections Office in the courthouse,” said Commissioner Eggleston, “This setup does that. It’s efficient and easy to use and it gives people what they want, live election coverage at home or at election parties.”

The old domain, VoteWarren.org, will forward to WarrenVotes.com and there will be banners on the county website. For any questions or comments contact Commissioner Eggleston at 814-728-3403.