Changes are in the works (read news release at the bottom of the page) to the Medical Assistance Transportation Program which will take jobs and funding form county governments and disrupt service for persons with disabilities and seniors in our area. Senate Bill 390, which would stop the changes, is being considered by the Senate Appropriations Committee now and needs to be brought forward next Monday, May 6. We need your help!

Please call the Senators below, who are all members of the Appropriations Committee, and ask them to support Senate Bill 390 and have it move through the Appropriations Committee so that it can be adopted by the State Legislature. See Script below.

Hello, my name is  [YOUR NAME]  and I am a resident of  [YOUR COUNTY]. I am calling today to ask that Senator  [SENATOR’S NAME ] please support Senate Bill 390 which would stop the changes to MATP. We can’t afford those changes in our county. Please move the bill out of committee and send it to the floor for a vote. Thank you!

Please call Senators Who Have Co-Sponsored SB 390

Last Name First Name Email Capitol Office #
Ward Kim [email protected] (717) 787-6063
Scarnati Joseph [email protected] (717) 787-7084
Argall David [email protected] (717) 787-2637
Aument Ryan [email protected] (717) 787-4420
Killion Thomas [email protected] (717) 787-4712
Langerhold Wayne [email protected] (717) 787-5400
Martin Scott [email protected] (717) 787-6535
Mensch Bob [email protected] (717) 787-3110
Scavello Mario [email protected] (717) 787-6123
Vogel Elder [email protected] (717) 787-3076
Yaw Gene [email protected] (717) 787-3280
Schwank Judith [email protected] (717) 787-8925
Blake John [email protected] (717) 787-6481
Collett Maria [email protected] (717) 787-6599
Leach Daylin [email protected] (717) 787-5544
Santarsiero Steven [email protected] (717) 787-7305

Please call Senators Who HAVE NOT Co-Sponsored SB 390

Last Name First Name Email Capitol Office #
Hughes Vincent [email protected] (717) 787-7112
Browne Patrick [email protected] (717) 787-1349
Corman Jake [email protected] (717) 787-1377
Laughlin Daniel [email protected] (717) 787-8927
Phillips-Hill Kristin [email protected] (717) 787-7085
Costa Jay [email protected] (717) 787-7683
Haywood Art [email protected] (717) 787-1427
Street Sharif [email protected] (717) 787-6735

The Department of Human Services is about to award a contract to a brokerage firm thereby taking local control of services away from counties. This bill would stop the award of a contract and needs to be moved on immediately. The day to make calls is today, Friday, May 3rd, all day. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Pennsylvania Commissioners Urge the State Legislature to Stop MATP Changes

Thursday, May 2, 2019 | Warren, PA – County Commissioners in 11 counties across the state, representing over a million citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, have signed resolutions opposing changes that are currently underway in the State which would turn the MATP (Medical Assistance Transportation Program) in Pennsylvania into a state-wide or regional “Full-Risk Brokerage System”. Another five Counties have also sent letters to the Legislature in response to an amendment to the Human Services Fiscal Code made last June 2018 which forced Department of Human Services to switch models.

All of these Counties have voiced support for Senate Bill 390, which would halt the award of a contract with a brokerage firm by Pennsylvania Department of Human Services. That bill has been referred to the Senate Appropriations Committee, chaired by Senator Pat Browne (Lehigh County), and must be moved through the committee on Monday, May 6 for a floor vote. 16 of the 24 Senators on the Appropriations Committee have co-sponsored the bill, which bodes well for SB390’s chances. Nonetheless, the aforementioned Counties are urging the Committee Members to affirm this bill and give it a vote on the floor.

 The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 mandates that in any area where fixed-bus route service is offered, door-to-door service to the elderly, the disabled and other people who cannot use or access the regular bus service must also be offered. In Warren County, this system is managed through a joint partnership between Forest-Warren Human Services and the Transit Authority of Warren County (TAWC).

With the state change, local administration will be removed and some form of statewide, regional, or even multi-national for-profit company will take over managing MATP services. This would result in loss of consistency of service for a vulnerable population, including seniors and persons with disabilities. Local jobs would be lost and revenue would decline due to the shift in management dollars outside the County.

Warren County Commissioner, Jeff Eggleston, who drafted Warren County’s resolution, expressed serious concerns over the changes to MATP saying, “If other rollouts of brokered models are any indication, this is going to create serious problems for some of our most vulnerable constituents as we lose service quality, consistency, and experience reduced levels of service.”

Aside from the Counties that signed resolutions (Armstrong, Butler, Cambria, Cameron, Chester, Forest, Jefferson, Snyder, Venango, Warren, Wayne) and the Counties which have publicly opposed the changes (Bradford, Elk, Lackawanna, Sullivan, Tioga), multiple agencies have opposed the changes including Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority, Crawford Area Transportation Authority, Transit Authority of Warren County, Best Transit, Pennsylvania Public Transit Association (PPTA) and the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania (CCAP).

It is important that citizens contact all of the Senators in the House Appropriations Committee and request they throw their support behind SB 390 which would stop the changes being made to MATP services and allow for greater review of the matter at the state level.

If you have any questions or comments about this news article, please feel free to call (814-728-3403) or email ([email protected]) at your convenience.