Warren County Mask Drive

With current requirements for masks and other protective gear for businesses and citizens to remain safe while operating, and the supply of masks to be limited, the County Government in conjunction with the Warren County Chamber of Business and Industry is initiating a mask drive to collect homemade cloth masks for use by local businesses, nonprofits, and other agencies that have regular contact with the public but do not function in a medical or emergency management capacity. The masks would be used by staff at businesses and for patrons who do not have masks as they enter the businesses.

The masks will be collected at the Youngsville Free Methodist Church as well as at a receptacle outside the Courthouse’s main entrance on 5th Avenue. The County will accept all cloth masks community members are willing to donate, but we do have a preferred pattern that is provided on this page with instructions. If you have masks made with another pattern, please do not hesitate to donate them.

Masks collected at these locations will be sanitized and redistributed to local businesses and nonprofits for use in their daily operations via the WCCBI and County personnel. If you have any questions or would like to volunteer to support the effort, please contact Jeff Eggleston via email at [email protected] or call 814-584-2203.

This project is a community effort to allow kind-hearted and civic-minded folks the opportunity to contribute to the safe reopening of the County and the health and well-being of our businesses and nonprofit service organizations. Thank you for your interest and support.

Click the image below to download the flyer and application.

Register Your Organization for Support

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Signup to Help with the Program

Do you make masks? Would you like to work directly with us? Would you like to help transfer masks and clean them for use by our local organizations? Then click the button below and fill out the form. You do NOT have to do this to drop masks off at the proper locations, but we can follow up with you and communicate directly on donations, especially if you’re making a lot of masks or have a lot to donate.