Warren County Polling Places

This is a current list of the precinct polling locations. If you need more information or are concerned about where you’re supposed to vote, please call Lisa Rivett, Warren County’s Elections Director, at 814-728-3406 or email her at lzuck@warren-county.net.

Downloadable List:


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City of Warren

Precinct Address
Central Courthouse
204 Fourth Avenue, Warren
North Holy Redeemer Center
11 Russell Street, Warren
South St. Joseph School
608 PA Ave W, Warren
East Holy Redeemer Center
11 Russell Street, Warren
West St. Joseph School
608 PA Ave W, Warren
Southeast Holy Redeemer Center
11 Russell Street, Warren


Precinct Address
Bear Lake Bear Lake Youth & Family Center
330 Center Street, Bear Lake
Clarendon Fire Hall
N. Main Street, Clarendon
Sugar Grove Fire Hall
2 Wilson Street, Sugar Grove
Tidioute Fire Hall
228 Main Street, Tidioute
Youngsville Fire Hall
228 E. Main Street, Youngsville


Precinct Address
Brokenstraw Township Building
770 Rouse Avenue, Youngsville
Cherry Grove Fire Hall
6039 Cherry Grove Rd., Clarendon
Columbus Social Hall
4 W. Main Street, Columbus
Conewango #1 North Warren Presbyterian Church
3 Church Street, North Warren
Conewango #2 Starbrick Fire Hall
5 Firemans Rd., Warren
Deerfield Township Building
4638 Morrison Hill Rd., Tidioute
Eldred Township Building
2915 Newton Rd., Pittsfield
Elk Scandia Fire Hall
5950 Scandia Rd., Russell
Farmington Lander Fire Hall
4400 Miller Hill Rd., Russell
Freehold Township Building
139 Lottsville Niobe Rd., Bear Lake
Glade Glade Fire Hall
14 Hohman Rd., Warren
Limestone Township Building
Hill Drive (near Tippy Canoe), Tidioute
Mead Township Building
119 Mead Blvd., Clarendon
Pine Grove Russell Fire Hall
66 Perrigo Ln., Russell
Pittsfield Township Building
371 Nelson Hill Rd., Pittsfield
Pleasant Fire Department (Social Hall)
40 Fuller Avenue, Warren
Sheffield Fire Hall
318 S. Main Street, Sheffield
Southwest Enterprise United Methodist Church
Route 27, Enterprise
Spring Creek Fire Hall
6345 Rt. 426, Spring Creek
Sugar Grove Chandlers Valley Community Center
9250 Jackson Run Rd, Chandlers Valley
Triumph Township Building
10390 Youngsville Road, Tidioute
Watson Community Building
Route 337 Old Plank Rd., Tidioute