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Repository Information & Bid Form


All properties sold and all title transferred is under and subject to the Act of 1947 P.L. 1368 as amended and known as the Real Estate Tax Sale Law.

Properties sold through Repository Sale will be sold free and clear of all tax municipal liens (as long as parties in interest have been notified/served), mortgages, liens, judgements, charges and estates of whatsoever kind (except ground rents) . Searches are current only to date of the last search for the Judicial Sale the property has been exposed to.

The Tax Claim Bureau will sell the property as described on the dockets of the Tax Claim Bureau without warranty or representation as to the description, and will make no new survey on any property sold. The Bureau does not guarantee that the property for sale is actually the property sold and you are urged to locate and do a title search of the property prior to purchase. The purchase is arm’s length and Buyer Beware. All sales are final.

 Distribution of Lists

  • Any one requesting a printed repository list for unsold properties may obtain one from the Bureau either at the office at a cost of $0.25/page or via the mail of $1 per copy.
  • The list is updated as necessary.
  • All lists include sale conditions and one bid form.
  • All repository bids will be processed in a timely manner at the Bureau’s discretion.
  • The repository list may be available online at warrencopa.com at the option of the Bureau.

Submission of Bids

  • All bids must be on Bureau-approved forms and be completed clearly and in full. Incomplete/illegible forms will be rejected.
  • All bids must be received by the Bureau by the last day of the month.
  • Minimum bids are stated on the repository list.
  • Repository bids may be presented at the counter of the Warren County Tax Claim Bureau, 204 Fourth Ave, Warren PA 16365, or, bids may be be submitted via mail.
  • Fees will be outlined by the Bureau and must be paid once approval has been received from all 3 taxing districts. If payment is not received, bidder will be banned from bidding again for a period of 3 years.
  • Fees to be Paid – Method of payment accepted for repository properties are cash or money order made payable to “Warren County Tax Claim Bureau”.
  • Fees are as follow, and subject to change: Bid amount + $25 Deed Prep Fee, $10 UPI Fee, $70.75 Recording Fee, 2% of bid for Transfer Taxes.

Multiple Bids of the Same Property

  • The highest bid will be accept by the Bureau, subject to the bidder qualifications.
  • In the event two or more bids are the highest bid but the same amount, the Bureau will accept the bid bearing the earliest time-stamp.

Payment of All Delinquent Tax

  • If before a repository deed is recorded, a payment of all delinquent tax and any applicable costs and interest due on the repository property is paid by any party and accepted by the Bureau, the repository bid will become null and void.

Processing of Bid

  • The Tax Claim Bureau will forward the bid(s) at the end of each month to the County, Township, and School for approval/ or rejection.
  • If a bid is rejected by any of the taxing authorizes, a letter of rejection will be mailed to the bidder. If the bidder requires further information regarding the rejection they are advised to contact the taxing authority that rejected the bid.
  • If approved by all taxing authorities, the bidder will receive notification from the Tax Claim Bureau advising that the specific bid has been approved, and the total amount due.
  • The deed(s) or Bill of Sale will be processed (after funds have cleared) and mailed to the purchaser in a timely manner.
  • The entire Repository process takes approximately 3-6 months from date the bid is place, and may take longer due to atypical circumstances or high volume of bids. 



I/we hereby submit a repository bid offer in the amount of     $_____________    for the property assessed in the name(s) of the following owners/reputed owners:


Parcel #: ______________________ Municipality:____________________ Date:____________

Description of Property: _________________________________________________________

Bidders Name:_________________________________________________________________

Bidder’s Address: ______________________________________________________________

Bidder’s Phone Number: ________________________________________________________

Intended Use of Property:________________________________________________________

Name on Deed:________________________________________________________________

Mailing Address for Deed:_______________________________________________________

The rule of Caveat Emptor (buyers beware) applies. (See 72 P.S. 5931)We urge you to research the property prior to placing a bid. The property is offered for sale by the Tax Claim Bureau without any guarantee or warranties what so ever, either as to existence, correctness of ownership, size boundaries, locations, structures or lack of a structure, liens, and title or any other matter. Also be advised that the Bureau does not guarantee that this property has not been slated for demolition or condemnation. For that reason, be advised that it would be prudent to conduct your own inspection of the title to the property you are purchasing prior to placing your bid.

Be advised that you are NOT the rightful owner of the property until you have the recorded deed in your possession.

Any person who owes delinquent taxes in Warren County is prohibited from participating in this sale, either individually or through an agent.

Be advised – Should we discover that you are delinquent in taxes or municipal utility bills on any property in Warren County, You will not receive a deed to the property on which you bid.

Furthermore, you understand and acknowledge that all sales are FINAL. There will be no refunds given under any circumstances.

I have read & acknowledge the above:_________________________________