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3118 CDBG Budget Modification for FY 2016





FFY 2016 Community Development Block Grant PROGRAM BUDGET



WHEREAS,          in an effort to expend CDBG funds within three years of the contract date, the County often needs to rebudget older CDBG funds into “active” projects to spend the funding in a timely manner, and


WHEREAS,          with respect to the timely expenditure of CDBG funding, the First and Hall Streets Water Line Replacement Project (Sheffield) was completed with CDBG funds from previous CDBG contracts, rather than the Fiscal Year 2016 contract that it was originally funded under, leaving $90,000 available to fund another project; and


WHEREAS,          it has been agreed upon between the County and Youngsville Borough to cancel the proposed “Housing Rehabilitation” activity that was slated for Youngsville Borough with 2016 CDBG contract funds.  This project proposed to rehab the homes of approximately 2 lower income homeowners, but is being cancelled due to the fact that the program was 1) too administratively heavy and costly, for the amount of benefit that would be derived, and (2) the lack of local licensed Lead Based Paint inspectors and contractors needed to provide services to this project.  Cancelling this project will leave $96,109 available for rebudgeting into another project, potentially, based in Youngsville; and


WHEREAS,          the Center Street Storm Water System project in Bear Lake is actively taking place, with the design being developed by an engineer, and plans to install a storm water system in the 2019 construction season.  Between engineering, inspection, and construction costs, this project has a budget of $210,000.00.  Funds are currently set aside to fund this project from the County’s 2017 fiscal year CDBG contract; and


WHEREAS, the County Redevelopment Authority utilizes CDBG funds to address blighted properties in participating municipalities throughout the County, and is in need of additional CDBG funds to continue their efforts.



NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Commissioners of Warren County as follows:


In order to expend CDBG funds in the timely manner prescribed by the PA DCED, $175,640.00 in 2016 CDBG Contract funds will be reallocated into the Center Street Storm Water Project in Bear Lake Borough.  Also, to provide needed funding, $10,469.00 will be reallocated into the Warren County Redevelopment Authority’s Blighted Property Program.



APPROVED this 28th day of November, 2018.






Benjamin Kafferlin





Cindy Morrison

Attest:                                                                    Vice Chair




Pamela J. Matve                                                  Jeff Eggleston

Chief Clerk                                                           Secretary