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Warren High School Girls Volleyball Team Day


Whereas, Warren County Pennsylvania is filled with excitement and spirit because the Warren High School Girls Volleyball Team has had an outstanding 2018 season finishing second as the state runner up in the PIAA Class 3A State Championship;


Whereas, in addition, the Warren High School Girl Volleyball team has captured the District 10 Championship title becoming the first team to ever do so in the program’s history;


Whereas, excellence and success in competitive sports can be achieved only through strenuous practice, team work and a dedicated coaching staff. It is important to recognize these young women, who by achieving outstanding success in athletic competition, have inspired and brought pride to Warren County; and


Whereas, the recognition and celebration of our 2018 Warren High Girls Volleyball team serve to bring our community together in honoring our students and their coaches for a phenomenal volleyball season resulting in an outstanding record of 21 – 1 this season; and


Whereas, these achievements could not have been reached without the leadership of the coaches and the encouragement of the players’ parents who together instilled in them the value of teamwork, imparted in them a desire for success and helped them to develop a sense of fair play and competition.


Now therefore we, the Warren County Commissioners, do hereby proclaim December 12, 2018 as Warren High School Girls Volleyball Team Day and hereby extend our expression of pride to the team on their impressive record and many successes in 2018. I further encourage all Warren County citizens to acknowledge the achievements made by the Warren High Girls Volleyball Team and thank them for representing Warren County as well as the highest ideals of the high school volleyball program. This team has truly exemplified its “Be Legendary” team motto and we congratulate you on a truly legendary season.


ADOPTED this 12th day of December 2018.




Benjamin Kafferlin


Cindy Morrison

Attest:                                                                   Vice Chair


Pamela J. Matve                                                    Jeff Eggleston

Chief Clerk                                                           Secretary