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08/28/2019 Public Hearing Minutes

Warren County Commissioners Public Hearings

August 28 2019 12:00 p.m.

Jackson Courtroom


Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin called the meeting of the Warren County Commissioners to order with Commissioner Jeff Eggleston present.


Staff Present: Pamela Matve, Chief Clerk, Eric Hern, Fiscal Director, Solicitor Nathaniel Schmidt, Lisa Rivett, Director of Elections, Phil Gilbert, Director of Tax Claim, Lorri Dunlap, Grants Administrator, Meredith Ketcham, Children & Youth Administrator, and Kathy Lebon


Citizens Present: Josh Cotton (WTO), Joe Scully, Nancy Freenock, Steve Blume, and Troy Clawson


Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin stated that today we have two public hearings: the CDBG program for FY 2019 and the Residential/Commercial LERTA program.


FY 2019 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program:


Lorri Dunlap stated that the County is expected to receive an allocation of $241,490 in FFY 2019 funds from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


At least 70% of available funding must be used for activities which will benefit low and moderate-income persons.  The proposed activities must benefit at least 51% low-moderate income persons in the service area to qualify as a low-moderate income project.


Lorri went on to explain the following types of activities that may be eligible for funding under the CDBG program: water and sewer line replacement and improvements; housing rehabilitation; construction of affordable housing; construction/reconstruction of public /community facilities; recreational facilities; public services that are new or provide quantifiable increases in the delivery of services; street improvements; historic preservation; clearance and demolition; and general administration, planning, audit, and preparation of the CDBG application.


Lorri then stated that she has already solicited projects from municipalities and once they are deemed eligible then they go before the commissioners for approval.


Joe Scully, Glade Township, asked if there was a way that municipalities can apply for money even though they have applied in the past. It seems like sometimes they are turned down so that others can access the funds. But if the others do not request funding, why are we stopped from applying again.


Lorri stated that all municipalities can apply for the funding, it goes by requirements for each area of the project. Glade Township as you know has areas that do not qualify as the income of the families do not qualify, yet there are other areas that do qualify. We do not turn you down because you have applied before.


Commissioner Jeff Eggleston stated for clarity that this is a public hearing to announce the allocation we are expected to receive and to ask municipalities to submit their projects.


Lorri Dunlap stated that she has already been asking for projects, the deadline for them to apply was August 15 and the County must make application for the funds by November 1, 2019.


Nancy Freenock asked if the county could make an allocation for Lacy Playground project to which Lorri Dunlap stated that the County and the City could make a joint application.


Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin stated that with nothing further we will close this public hearing and move onto the next hearing. Time is 12:16


Residential/Commercial LERTA:


Commissioner Jeff Eggleston advised that this will be the first of a few public hearings for the LERTA ordinances. This LERTA will be for both residential and commercial allowing for a tax abatement on any new construction on the property. Most municipalities will be going with 100% for 5 years. We are hoping that by doing this it will promote development.


Commissioner Jeff Eggleston went on to state that the LERTA covers two laws; first is the LERTA law, and the second is the Improvement of deteriorated area Law.


Commissioner Jeff Eggleston then stated that there are eleven municipalities on board with the LERTA program and they are drawing up their ordinances with the help of their solicitors.


Today we are hear to listen to your opinions.


Joe Scully of Glade Township stated that they are on board, and their solicitor is drafting the ordinance.


Commissioner Jeff Eggleston stated that we received a memo from the solicitors and we are currently addressing their questions and/or concerns.


Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin stated that there will be a second hearing involving at least the county at a later date. Commissioner Jeff Eggleston has worked very hard on this issue, and Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin stated that he applauds Commissioner Eggleston’s hard work on this initiative.


Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin stated that with nothing further we will close this public hearing, the time is 12:16


Adjournment:  Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin stated that with nothing further the Public Hearings are now closed.



Respectfully submitted,                                                                     Approved:


Pamela J. Matve                                                                                  Jeff Eggleston, Secretary

Chief Clerk                                                                                           Warren County Commissioner