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12/19/2018 Commissioner Special Public Meeting

Warren County Commissioners Public Meeting

December 19, 2018 6:00 p.m.

Commissioner Conference Room


Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin called the meeting of the Warren County Commissioners to order with Commissioner Cindy Morrison and Commissioner Jeff Eggleston present.


Staff Present: Pamela Matve, Chief Clerk; Phil Gilbert, Tax Claim Director Treasurer Dennis Munksgard, and Suzanne Swanson


Citizens Present: Josh Cotton (WTO), Dave Morrison, and Luanne Munksgard




Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin stated that tonight meeting is to set the rates for the elected officials for the term of 2020 to 2023.


Discussion of Rates:


Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin stated that Pamela J. Matve, Chief Clerk has presented us with the current rates, zero percent, and two percent increases. He went on to state that he is not settled on what he wants to do.


Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin then stated he is inclined to go by the rate the general public has received for the median.


Commissioner Jeff Eggleston stated that he has been going back and forth and then stated he would be willing to go with a 1.5% increase across the board. I am not comfortable with 2%. Commissioner Jeff Eggleston then stated that would even be willing to go with 1.5% across the board except for Commissioners leaving them at zero percent for the next two years.


Pamela J. Matve, Chief Clerk stated that the Prothonotary rates are only listed for two years and the rate is what was set with that term first started.


Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin stated that they would not want to leave those as is, and then the Prothonotary will run again in 2021 for the start of the 2022 term.


Pamela J. Matve, Chief Clerk then discussed the Auditors and moving them to a salary rather than a per diem. So that they get a paycheck every pay, some auditors roll over time and then it looks like they are overpaid each year.


Suzanne Swanson confirmed this stating that Pamela J. Matve, Chief Clerk had told us a couple years ago, that we could not do this, but there is one auditor that keeps rolling over his hours. We were told that all of our hours must be turned in for the year we worked.


Commissioner Jeff Eggleston stated that this is a conversation that we will need to have with Mr. Hutley. They are not to roll over any hours into a new year.


Motion was made by Commissioner Cindy Morrison for a 1% increase each year for all elected officials except Commissioners who will be at a zero percent.


She then gave her statement as to why she felt this way. Commissioner Cindy Morrison stated that in the three years they have been in office, taxes have been raised two times. We have failed the citizens of this county. We need to bite the bullet on show the next board of Commissioners how to hold the line on spending.


Commissioner Jeff Eggleston stated that he would second Commissioner Cindy Morrison’s motion for the 1% increase and hold the line on the Commissioners. But then he went on to state that there were not two tax increases, there was only one, your facts, Commissioner Cindy Morrison are not correct.


Commissioner Jeff Eggleston then went onto state that for Commissioner Cindy Morrison to state that our office needs to set an example of the work that is being done is appalling to me. Commissioner Cindy Morrison you have put in very few hours over the past three years, missed multiple meetings, and have not produced anything that you have been working on.


I will support her motion, but do not like the explanation Commissioner Cindy Morrison has given.


Treasurer Dennis Munksgard then asked if a survey was done for elected officials as the survey for the nonunion employees.


Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin stated that there was not a survey done, but I am looking at the CCAP Salary Survey that includes elected officials, and we are in line.


Treasurer Dennis Munksgard stated that the information he has is that Warren County is 4% behind other sixth class counties. I think you should look at the elected officials using the same formulation that you did with nonunion.


Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin stated that the average sixth class county treasurer position is at $55,400 and that is within the range that you make.


Treasurer Dennis Munksgard than asked what other counties are doing to which Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin stated he cannot speak for them, but it is legal to go by the CPI but I am not recommending that. This year it is at 2.9%.


Commissioner Cindy Morrison asked Treasurer Dennis Munksgard if he felt like the row officials are not being treated fairly to which Treasurer Dennis Munksgard stated that he feels that the row officials should get at least what the employees are getting and that is 2%.


After no further comments the above motion was called to question and the motion carried two to one. Commissioner Cindy Morrison and Commissioner Jeff Eggleston for and Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin against.


Adjournment:  Motion was made by Commissioner Jeff Eggleston, seconded by Commissioner Cindy Morrison to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried unanimously.


Meeting adjourned 6:26 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,                                                   Approved:


Pamela J. Matve                                                             Jeff Eggleston, Secretary

Chief Clerk                                                                    Warren County Commissioner