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09/16/2020 Commissioner Special Public Meeting Minutes

Warren County Commissioners Public Meeting

September 16, 2020 5:30 p.m.

Main Courtroom


Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin called the meeting of the Warren County Commissioners to order with Commissioner Tricia Durbin, and Commissioner Jeff Eggleston present.


Staff Present: Pamela Matve, Chief Clerk


Citizens Present: Kathleen Johnson, Gregory Burkett, Sam Harvey, Bob Duffy, and Ronda Turner


Announcements: the meeting is being recorded


Meetings held since the last meeting:




Consent Agenda:


Old Business:


New Business:


CARES ACT Small Business Grant Program: Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin stated that this evening we are hear to vote yay or nay on the recommendations given by the Financial Liaison Agency for the small business grant program. After wards we will then take public comment.


Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin explained that the county received approximately 3.5 million dollars in CARES ACT funds. The Commissioners decided to take approximately 2.2 million and try to find a way to help businesses throughout the county and take the remainder for county expenses along with fire and ems agencies etc. (those that do not qualify for the grant program).


He went on to state that Commissioner Tricia Durbin and Commissioner Jeff Eggleston were the major players in crafting the policy that was released a month ago for round one. He thanked them for their work on this project.


Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin then explained that to keep the Commissioners out of the decision making on who does or does not get funds, an RFP was put out for a financial liaison that would review the applicant’s paperwork and make a recommendation. For any conflicts Kersey & Associates and Haines & Company were hired. WCCBI was hired to be the business liaison to help businesses complete the application. They have all done a great job.


Commissioner Tricia Durbin explained that there was a maximum amount of $1 million dollars to be distributed in round one. She agreed with Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin that WCCBI and the Financial Liaisons have done a fine job. She stated that there were two calculations that were completed. First taking the period of March 1 to July 31 2019 and looking at the same period for 2020 and what was the change. Secondly, they looked at income and or loss along with the actual amount requested.


Commissioner Tricia Durbin stated that the only nonprofits that are eligible are the 501c# and 501C19’s; again, this was not our decision, this was a decision made by the government.


Commissioner Jeff Eggleston thanked everyone for their interest in the program. There are multiple phases of this program; Phase one, Phase two, which is now open for another 11/2 weeks than a Phase three after that.


Commissioner Jeff Eggleston went onto state that the second and third phase will give those that did not receive in round one due to insufficient paperwork, to get the paperwork and reapply.


Commissioner Jeff Eggleston stated they want to help everyone they can within the guidelines set to us by the government.


Today, which is the ending of the first phase is a maximum of $1 million, second and third phase will be a maximum of $500,000 each. So, if you did not get funds in round one please apply in the next two rounds.


Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin stated that there was a total of 64 applicants of those 40 were recommended for funds. The average funds given was approximately $24,423.00.  The reason that 20 applicants did not receive funds was the registration as an organization, failed to get documentation needed, or the time frame of their losses.


Commissioner Jeff Eggleston stated that at no time have the Commissioners conversed with either the Business or Financial Liaisons.


Public Comment:


Kathy Johnson, Warren from The Point stated that she is very thankful to the Commissioners for all their efforts in helping.


Commissioner Jeff Eggleston asked if they could contact her for a testimonial to which she agreed.


Kathy went onto state that she herself got wrapped up in the small business grant (not county) and got nothing.


Robert Duffy from the Moose Club stated that they were disqualified, and he would like to know why. Is it technical, on purpose, or did they just fall through the cracks?


Commissioner Jeff Eggleston apologized and stated that before they knew what the qualifications were, he said, yes, apply, you are a business. Later he found out that 501C8’s were not eligible; Commissioner Jeff Eggleston stated I should have called you and I apologize for not doing just that.


Mr. Duffy stated that while he appreciates Commissioner Jeff Eggleston’s apology he still wants to know if it is intentional that his type of business is not eligible.


Commissioner Jeff Eggleston stated that it may be a political move on the part of the Treasury. There are so many organizations that fall under 501c8’s such as planned parenting, NRA, etc. and they could not agree on which to cover so it was decided only to cover 501c3’s and 501c19’s. Commissioner Jeff Eggleston stated that even fire departments do not qualify as they are 501c4’s.


Commissioner Jeff Eggleston stated that the Commissioners are doing their best with the guidelines we are given.


At this time the public comments period was closed.


Commissioner Comments:


Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin stated that in the packet is a quote for Remote Monitoring that was missed on the IT list during the last meeting. Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin got this a while ago and had forgotten about it until he was questioned. The cost is $5,078.00 and will allow IT to monitor county equipment off site if it should go down.


Motion was made by Commissioner Tricia Durbin, seconded by Commissioner Jeff Eggleston to approve for purchase through the CARES Act funds the Remote monitoring software/equipment in the amount of $5,078.75. Motion carried unanimously.


Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin stated that he would now like a motion to approve round one of the small business grant program.


Motion was made by Commissioner Tricia Durbin, seconded by Commissioner Jeff Eggleston to approve the recommendation from the Financial Liaison for round one distribution of the small business grant program totaling $976,914.00.


Commissioner Jeff Eggleston stated that the Commissioners have reviewed all the information provided and we feel it is fair across the board.


Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin stated that we know this does not make your businesses whole, but we hope it helps.


After no further comments the above motion was called, and the motion carried unanimously.


Commissioner Jeff Eggleston then stated that if your business was awarded funds, the WCCBI will get in contact with you to get a W9. Then payments should be made withing ten day.


Adjournment:  Motion was made Commissioner Tricia Durbin, seconded by Commissioner Jeff Eggleston to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried unanimously.


Meeting adjourned 5:53 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,                                                                     Approved:


Pamela J. Matve                                                                                  Jeff Eggleston

Chief Clerk                                                                                           Warren County Commissioner