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07/22/2020 Public Hearing Minutes

Warren County Commissioners Public Hearing

July 22, 2020 5:30 p.m.

Main Courtroom


Commissioner Tricia Durbin called the meeting of the Warren County Commissioners to order with Commissioner Jeff Eggleston present, and Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin present virtually


Staff Present: Pamela Matve, Chief Clerk, Michael Lyon, Zoning Officer, Kenneth McCorrison, Public Safety Director, Eric Hern, Fiscal Director, and Meredith Ketcham, Children & Youth Administrator


Citizens Present: Thomas Kollar, Diana Hoffner, Jim Stec and Edward


Commissioner Tricia Durbin announced that the meeting is being recorded and today we have two public hearings:


Rezoning of Parcel WN-544-353000: Michael Lyon, Zoning Officer, stated that Roger and Diana Hoffner own this parcel in which an old church sits. They are asking that this parcel be rezoned from R1 to R2 to make it more marketable. They have had a few people look at purchasing this parcel, but wanted to make apartments.


Michael Lyon stated that this parcel has been posted, and this hearing has been advertised twice in the paper.


With nothing further this first hearing was closed at 5:33


County Zoning Request from Deerfield Township: Michael Lyon, Zoning Officer, stated that Deerfield Township has approached the Planning & Zoning office back in March requesting to join county zoning. The delay in bringing this forward was COVID-19. Michael stated that he has had many meetings with the township supervisors. They have established the zoning areas which are mailing ARC, some R1 and B Business.


This property has been posted and advertised twice in the paper.


Edward, a resident of Deerfield Twp., stated that he was curious about building structures throughout the township that are blighted. He explained that there is a house across from him that is being demolished and he does not feel the owners got a permit to do so.


Michael Lyon explained that demolition of structures does not fall under zoning as it does not need a zoning permit. This would fall under the building/construction codes department. Michael stated that Edward can call the office tomorrow and he would give him the number for the company that Deerfield contract with for code enforcement. Michael went on to state that the zoning office


Commissioner Jeff Eggleston stated that the permit is a public record the township supervisors should know if they have a permit.


Michael Lyon then stated that Deerfield does not participate in the blighted property program at this time.


Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin stated that there is an Attorney General’s Office that can also get involved if necessary, to which Michael Lyon stated he will look into.


Commissioner Tricia Durbin stated that Edward should first contact the township supervisors and also work with Michael from Planning & Zoning.


With nothing further on this hearing, all Public Hearings were closed at 5:42 and the regular public meeting commenced.


Respectfully submitted,                                                                       Approved:


Pamela J. Matve                                                                                   Jeff Eggleston

Chief Clerk                                                                                            Warren County Commissioner