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05/13/2020 Commissioner's Public Meeting Minutes

Warren County Commissioners Public Meeting

May 13, 2020 12:05 p.m.

Conference Call


Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin called the meeting of the Warren County Commissioners to order with Commissioner Tricia Durbin and Jeff Eggleston present via GoToMeeting digital platform.


Staff Present: Chief Clerk Pamela Matve, and Lisa Rivett, Director of Elections



Citizens Present: Josh Cotton (WTO)


Announcements: Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin announced that the meeting is being recorded.


Meetings held since the last meeting: Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin stated that the first time the commissioners have been together since the last meeting was today for a meeting with Representative Rapp to discuss going green and what we think it should look like, noting neither parties have gotten any details or a time frame. He then stated that Rep. Rapp and the Commissioners have decided to form a group to gather information to give to the Governor.


Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin stated that they continue to have a weekly conference call with Kenneth McCorrison, Public Safety Director regarding COVIC-19.


Correspondence: None


Public Comment: None


Consent Agenda:


  • Agenda Content: Commissioner Jeff Eggleston asked if he could amend the agenda to include a vote authorizing the Chair to form a task force as stated in the meeting with Rep. Rapp. He stated that this most likely falls under the Emergency Declaration, but to have this officially put together through the Commissioner’s office, he feels we should vote on it.


Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin stated that while yes, it does fall under the Emergency Declaration he sees no problem adding this item to the agenda.


Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin then reviewed he items on the agenda for discussion.


  • Minutes from the April 22, 2020 Meeting: No corrections or additions to be made.


  • Fiscal Report: Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin stated that balance in the general fund is $1,285,883.00 and in the Erie Bank Account, $649,720.00.


Commissioner Tricia Durbin stated that she would like to note that while we have drawn $750,000 to date on the TAN, this is the lowest in eight years comparing it to the same time period. This is showing that we have been fiscally responsible.


  • Proclamation(s): Ben Kafferlin stated all the Proclamations that will be passed:
    • Conservation District Week
    • Emergency Medical Services



Commissioner Jeff Eggleston thanked Pamela Matve, Chief Clerk for sending letters with all the proclamations, and I would ask that this continue.


Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin stated that he would like to send a letter out to all the EMS agencies in the county. He will get a list of all agencies. We appreciate them during this COVID-91 world.


Motion was made by Commissioner Tricia Durbin, seconded by Commissioner Jeff Eggleston to approve the agenda, the minutes from the meeting of April 22, 2020, and the proclamations as reviewed. Motion carried unanimously.



Old Business: None


New Business:


Resolution #3158 creating the Broad Band Task Force: Commissioner Jeff Eggleston stated that this is timely, with everyone being shut down, working from home, and students doing work on line for continuing education. I feel this is very important. The school district will have a large amount of input as far as the information they have regarding shut down. I am excited to see this finally moving forward.


Commissioner Tricia Durbin stated that the resolution is very well crafted and she echoes Commissioner Jeff Eggleston stated, it is perfect timing for this.


Motion was made by Commissioner Jeff Eggleston, seconded by Commissioner Tricia Durbin to approve Resolution #3158 for the creation of the Broad Band Task Force. Motion carried unanimously.


Approval of CYS Providers for 2020/2021: Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin read the list of vendors to which he also stated that these are the same as used in 2019/2020.


Motion was made by Commissioner Tricia Durbin, seconded by Commissioner Jeff Eggleston to approve the 2020/2021 CYS contracted providers as presented. Motion carried unanimously.


Act 13- Sheffield Community Garden Request: Commissioner Jeff Eggleston stated that Sheffield is requesting $2,000.00 from the ACT 13 funding program to which there is ample funds to cover this request. This will be used to purchase some dirt, tools, etc.


Commissioner Jeff Eggleston went on to explain that the gardens have been started, and this will help with the remainder of their needs. They will be able to practice gardening, and the overflow of produce will be given to the food pantry.


Commissioner Tricia Durbin asked if this will be a self-sustaining project. To which Commissioner Jeff Eggleston stated yes, this will help them finish. Seeds have been donated, along with the parcel of land they will be using. There has been a great deal of community support.


Motion was made by Commissioner Jeff Eggleston, seconded by Commissioner Tricia Durbin to approve the request from Sheffield for $2,000.00 from Act 13 funding for their community garden project. Motion carried unanimously.


Whirley Tax Settlement: Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin state that this is a settlement between Warren County, Warren County Warren Board of Assessment Appeals and Whirley Industries.


He went on to state that this is for 8 parcels owned by Whirley Industries; this settlement is for a Fair Market Value of $1,570,000 and an Assessed Level Ratio of 28.9% and the Assessed Value of $453,730.


Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin then state that today our motion is to allow Attorney Mike Musone to sign this settlement on our behalf.


Motion was made by Commissioner Tricia Durbin, seconded by Commissioner Jeff Eggleston to approve the settlement with Whirley Industries and authorize Attorney Musone to sign on behalf of the county. Motion carried unanimously.


Move to Green Task Force: Motion was made to authorize the Move to Green Task Force under the County Commissioners. Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin will be in charge of soliciting members, setting the agenda and guiding the project. Commissioner Tricia Durbin will be the vice chair and Commissioner Jeff Eggleston will be Secretary of the committee. The group would be tasked with producing the official plan that would be sent to the Governor’s Office to lead the State and the County in both moving forward into green and also beyond the green phase. The report would be due by Friday, May 22, 2020. Once completed it will be acknowledged and approved by the commissioners then forwarded to the Governor and all other officials that have leadership roles in the region.


Commissioner Tricia Durbin stated that the motion sounds very good and she will second the motion.


Commissioner Tricia Durbin stated that she is looking forward to putting some detail around going green, getting the input from our community as well as medical professionals, and to approach the Governor to help us make the decision.


Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin stated that he wants to highlight that they, as Commissioners did not issue to order to close any of the businesses in Warren County, nor do we have the authority to open up. We are looking forward to, and have advocated for the past couple weeks, for the County to go green. This is the next step that makes sense, as we keep asking the Governor’s Office every day when we can go green or what is the definition as to what green is. Now after a couple weeks and not having any time line, I am ready to step up and make a recommendation as to what green looks like specifically for our county. Maybe this could be used as a model across the commonwealth.


Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin then stated he will be asking other elected officials to join us on this as well as medical professionals in our area, specially tasking employees from our Department of Public Safety to literally do the draft.


Commissioner Tricia Durbin thanked Commissioner Jeff Eggleston for taking the time to put this together.


Commissioner Jeff Eggleston thanked Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin for his leadership on this project.


After nothing further, the motion was called, and the motion carried unanimously.


Personnel Report: Motion was made by Commissioner Tricia Durbin, seconded by Commissioner Jeff Eggleston to approve the Personnel Report as presented. Motion carried unanimously.




Commissioner Comments:


Adjournment:  Motion was made Commissioner Tricia Durbin, seconded by Commissioner Jeff Eggleston to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried unanimously.


Meeting adjourned 12:27 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,                                                                     Approved:


Pamela J. Matve                                                                                  Jeff Eggleston, Secretary

Chief Clerk                                                                                           Warren County Commissioner