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04/22/2020 Commissioner Public Meeting Minutes

Warren County Commissioners Public Meeting

April 22, 2020 5:30 p.m.

Conference Call


Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin called the meeting of the Warren County Commissioners to order with Commissioner Tricia Durbin and Jeff Eggleston present via GoToMeeting digital platform.


Staff Present: Chief Clerk Pamela Matve, Solicitor Nathaniel Schmidt, Solicitor, Fiscal Director Eric Hern, and Tax Claim Director Phil Gilbert Director.


Citizens Present: Josh Cotton (WTO)


Announcements: Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin announced that the meeting is being recorded.


Meetings held since the last meeting: Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin stated that during this state of emergency the Commissioners and the Solicitor have met by conference call twice, on April 14 and April 24. The commissioners have had additional informational calls with Public Safety Director Ken McCorrison at his request.


Correspondence: None


Public Comment: None


Consent Agenda:


Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin stated that he signed the StarNET agreement before the meeting as it was an emergency and had previously been discussed and approved. Resolution #3156 for the Temporary Burn Ban was also signed outside of public meeting as except under emergency powers and made public. Therefore, these two items needn’t be voted on under new business.


  • Agenda Content: Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin stated that he would like to add Resolution #3157 appointing Kale Asp as 911 Coordinator/Public Safety Deputy Director.


Minutes from the March 25, 2020 Meeting: Noting there was no Meeting on April 8, 2020, no corrections to be made.


Fiscal Report: Eric Hern, Fiscal Director stated that balance in the general fund is $1,255,002.00 and in the Erie Bank Account, $649,720.00.


Eric Hern, Fiscal Director, stated that cash flow is good. We have pulled $750,000.00 from the TAN so far in 2020 but looking historically this is still lower that past years by this same time. All payments are being made accordingly. He sees no reason to pull from the TAN for the remainder of the month.


Proclamation(s): Ben Kafferlin stated all the Proclamations that will be passed:


Multiple Sclerosis Week                                                    National Library Week

Earth Day                                                                              Apraxia of Speech Awareness Month

Sexual Assault Awareness Month                                   National Foster Care Month

National Crime Victims’ Rights Week                            Mental Health Awareness Month

National Telecommunicator Week                                  Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Correctional Officers and Employee Week                    National Skilled Nursing Care Week


Commissioner Jeff Eggleston stated the commissioners ought to send these proclamations and a letter to relevant organizations and departments as they normally come to in-person commissioners meetings and receive them there.


Motion was made by Commissioner Tricia Durbin, seconded by Commissioner Jeff Eggleston to approve the agenda, the minutes from the meeting of March 25, 2020, and the proclamations as reviewed. Motion carried unanimously.


Pamela Matve, Chief Clerk asked if she had permission to put digital signatures on the above proclamations, and all agreed.


Old Business: None




New Business:


Repository Tax Bid(s): Motion was made by Commissioner Jeff Eggleston, seconded by Commissioner Tricia Durbin to approve the repository tax bid; Parcel SH-365-8913 in the amount of $1.00 the Warren County Redevelopment Authority.


Commissioner Jeff Eggleston stated this was discussed at their meeting and decided that in order to do anything with the property they needed to own it.


After nothing further, the above motion was called and the motion carried unanimously.


Resolution #3157 Appointing Kale Asp to 911 Coordinator/Public Safety Director: Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin stated that to legally change the 911 point of contact for PEMA, we need to pass this Resolution. Mr. Asp would be responsible for filing regular 911 reports with PEMA and is familiar with from his previous job, therefore it just makes sense to do this and it will alleviate some of the load from Kenneth McCorrison, Public Safety Director.


Motion was made by Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin, seconded by Commissioner Tricia Durbin to approve Resolution #3157 Appointing Kale Asp to 911 Coordinator/Public Safety Director. Motion carried unanimously.


Transit Authority Local Match Resolution: Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin stated that a municipality has pulled funding to the Transit Authority, therefore, they are asking for an additional $500.00 from the county for their 2019/2020 fiscal year.


Commissioner Jeff Eggleston stated that $500.00 is only 10% of the match. After the COVID-19 settles down and we get back to some kind of normalcy, we need to sit down and discuss how to address to the municipalities how important their funding is to the transportation program.


Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin agreed.


Motion was made by Commissioner Jeff Eggleston, seconded by Commissioner Tricia Durbin to agree to the increase of $500.00 for a total of $39,966.00 for the 2019/2020 Fiscal Year. Motion carried unanimously.


Personnel Report: Motion was made by Commissioner Tricia Durbin, seconded by Commissioner Jeff Eggleston to approve the Personnel Report as presented. Motion carried unanimously.



Phil Gilbert, Director of Tax Claim stated that at the City Council meeting Sam Harding had questions regarding the burn ban; are there any thoughts of lifting that one week early?


Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin stated that the conditions have not changed, and the DCNR has not recommended that it be lifted, so no it will not be lifted until April 30th.


Josh Cotton asked if there will be any recommendations for extending the burn ban, to which Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin stated no, the ban will expire on April 30th, and Commissioner Tricia Durbin agreed.


Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin stated that we have enough PPE, nor is there significant risk to responders of contracting COVID-19 as anticipated due to only 1 positive case in the county, therefore there is no reason to extend the ban.


Josh Cotton then asked, so you are confident it will expire as planned? Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin stated yes, I am confident that it will expire as planned.


Commissioner Jeff Eggleston stated that the ANF and DCNR are shorthanded at this time, inhibiting the ability to fight wildfires as these agencies normally support local fire departments.


Commissioner Comments:


Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin stated that he attended the Penn State Extension Board meeting. He had closed the Rouse Annex building, which houses Public Safety and Extension, and asked the Extension staff to work from home to limit the exposure of  911 Dispatchers, due to COVID-19.


The Conservation District will likely mirror the reopening as the Courthouse with precautions in place.


Commissioner Tricia Durbin stated that everyone needs to be aware of the Salvation Army and the food drive that is happening. There were many donations made, but they need more.


She then stated that she attended the EOC meeting and they will be getting some COVID-19 funding and Bob Raible will be having some discussions with other non-profits so he can disperse the funds fairly.


Commissioner Jeff Eggleston stated that he had a good conversation with the courts on the reopening of the Courthouse and got some edits for the reopening protocol policy that will follow DOH an CDC guideline.


He went onto state that we are in the process of getting masks and cleaning supplies. He has also had conversations with the School District so that we will be ready for May 4th.


Commissioner Jeff Eggleston then stated that there is a mask making class being organized.


Adjournment:  Motion was made Commissioner Tricia Durbin, seconded by Commissioner Jeff Eggleston to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried unanimously.


Meeting adjourned 6:06 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,                                                                     Approved:


Pamela J. Matve                                                                                  Jeff Eggleston, Secretary

Chief Clerk                                                                                           Warren County Commissioner