WARREN, Pennsylvania – The Board of Commissioners for Warren County have awarded a grant of $20,000 to the Struthers Library Theatre for their rehabilitation project from the County’s Act 13 Marcellus Shale Legacy Fund. The grant will support the Theatre’s $2.7 million restoration project which, when completed, will install an elevator for handicap access, rework the marquee and facade of the building, refurbish the roof, and expand the sidewalk for outside table access.

The Commissioners determined the project to be an appropriate utilization of these funds under the law as a “beautification project” to improve a historic community resource. Under the Act 13 law, local governments are afforded the ability to use Marcellus Shale Legacy Funds generated by the state impact fee for “community conservation and beautification projects”. It has been the Commissioners’ position that these funds be used for nonprofit and government projects, so the Library Theatre’s nonprofit status coupled with its architectural history and significance made it a good fit for the grant funds.

 County Commissioners with Executive Director of the Library Theatre, Marcy O'Brien

Commissioner Ben Kafferlin, Commissioner Cindy Morrison, Library Theatre Executive Director Marcy O’Brien, Commissioner Jeff Eggleston

The grant was finalized through a resolution introduced by Commissioner Jeff Eggleston in support of the Library Theatre. “This is an institution of great historic, cultural and architectural significance,” said Commissioner Eggleston in support of his resolution. “That combined with the fact that the theatre is utilized by a county-wide community for recreation and education makes it the perfect grantee for these funds meant for community beautification.”

In support of the grant resolution, Commissioner Ben Kafferlin stated, “I’m pleased to play a small part in financially supporting a gem in this community. I applaud the efforts of the Library Theatre and encourage all citizens to help restore the faculties.”

Library Theatre Executive Director, Marcy O’Brien, conveyed her gratitude stating, “We are still working toward completion of the funding for our project – one that will enrich the lives of all our citizens and beautify our little river city. This generous gift is an enormous help and we are sincerely grateful to the Commissioners for recognizing our need and the value of our revitalization.”

The Theatre is still seeking funding to complete the project with a $200,000 shortfall. Various donors, including nonprofits, foundations, and private donors have already given $2.5 million to revitalize the historic theatre, the 18th oldest in the country.

Any questions for the Commissioners Office regarding the resolution may be directed to Pam Matve, Chief Clerk, by phone at 814-728-3402 or by email at pmatve@warren-county.net.