July 12, 2017 – Warren, PA — The Warren County Commissioners authorized, through resolution, the creation of the Warren County Marketing Taskforce, in an effort to improve tourism and promotion for Warren County. The main goal of the group is to bring a team of top-notch, business and public-sector professionals together to generate recommendations for the County in order to improve tourism promotion, encourage economic development and investment, and workforce recruitment. These recommendations will include actionable and achievable projects that can make an immediate impact on the aesthetics, efficiency, and effectiveness of the general efforts to market and promote the county.

The Warren County Marketing Taskforce will consist of 7 individuals, including one Commissioner, who represent the diversity of the County and its interests. The appointees include Jim Decker, Executive Director of the Warren County Chamber of Business and Industry, and Dave Sherman, Executive Director of the Warren County Visitor’s Bureau. They represent the two most influential promotional agencies in the County and are strong advocates for local industrial and tourism businesses.

Warren County’s local business community will be represented by Chuck Gray, the Artistic Director for the Struthers Library Theatre representing the creative community in Warren County, and Piper VanOrd, the owner of Allegheny Outfitters, a local tourism-related business who’ll represent entrepreneurs and local businesses.

Regional government representatives will include Lisa Hagberg, the Borough Manager for Youngsville, representing municipal government, Commissioner Jeff Eggleston representing County Government, and Sherry Tune, Forest Manager for the Forest Service representing the Federal Government.

The Taskforce will function for 6 months, during which the group will hold monthly public meetings to conduct business. The meeting schedule will be published in the newspaper and open to the public.  At the end of that time, the group will produce an official report to be presented and voted on for adoption at a Commissioner’s public meeting. The report, once adopted, will be used as reference during the County’s development of a long term strategic plan.